Aman and a woman from a village in the Mysuru district in Karnataka were tied to an electric pole and thrashed on November 25 by the latter’s ex-husband and brother-in-law after they were suspected of having an affair.

The police later registered a case and arrested a suspect.

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According to the Kowlande police, said the woman has three children from her marriage to a local. But the couple had separated five years ago, after which she had been living with her parents. The 30-year-old woman worked as a labourer and had befriended a 24-year-old youth from a neighbouring village.

The incident occurred on November 25 when the woman invited the youth to her house for tea. Her former husband and his brother came to know of this and barged into the house, attacked the duo and tied them to an electric pole. They then thrashed the two for several hours.

A video of the incident later went viral. In the minute-long clip, the locals can be seen surrounding the two and looking on. No one stepped forward to help them despite repeated screams for help.

When the village heads came to know of the incident, they intervened and released the two. They also tried to defuse the situation by holding a meeting on the matter the next day.

According to the Kowlande police, they got the information only on Friday morning, after which they arrested the former husband from the village. His brother was reported to be absconding. “We have registered a case and our probe is underway,” a cop from Kowlande station said.


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