The Taliban Ministry of Education has issued a statement regarding girls education . Girls from below 6th grade will now be allowed to pursue their school studies . All the school officials have been instructed by letter to open schools by Taliban’s Education
Ministry. It’s also applicable for girls below 6th grade. This move is because of the opposition of muslim major countries. They raised voice when Afghanistan had ordered a ban for women to discontinue school studies. Even though initially they had promised rights of Education and respect for women  they later brought into force their own Islamic views. Women were ordered to cover theirself excluding their eyes . Girls were not allowed to get employed and even they were banned from Middle and  High school. Women were restricted to have recreational space by entering parks or gyms. Human Rights Association criticised them severely. United States said Taliban has to consider it’s views or else they will be subject to heavy sanctions. Other muslim countries like Pakistan, Qatar and Turkey also expressed their disappointment over Taliban Governments actions that  are not even giving basic rights to womanhood.


ctn author