Hundreds of Afghans, mostly women, took to the streets of Kabul on Tuesday in an anti-Pakistan rally in which they chanted slogans against Islamabad and ISI. As the protests intensified, the Taliban opened fire on the rally.

According to news agency AFP, the Taliban fired shots in the air to disperse the anti-Pakistan rally in Kabul.

Asvaka News, a local media outlet reported that the Taliban opened fire on protesters gathered near the Presidential Palace in Kabul. The protesters were marching towards the Kabul Serena Hotel where the Pakistan ISI director has been staying since last week.

Videos shared by local media reports showed hundreds of Afghan men and women chanting slogans against Pakistan and showing placards on the streets of Kabul. Later, the protests spread to the Balkh province in the north of Afghanistan where hundreds were seen agitating on the streets.

As the anger mounted, the Afghan protesters called for “azaadi, azaadi” and “death to Pakistan”, “death to ISI”. Women wearing niqabs and burqas hit the streets of Kabul raising slogans against Pakistan.

In one video shared on Twitter, an Afghan woman says, “No one has the right to invade Panjshir, neither Pakistan, nor Taliban.” The Taliban on Monday claimed they have completed the capture of Panjshir Valley, from where the resistance forces had been fighting a strenuous battle against the Taliban.

On Saturday, the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, which has a significant influence on the Taliban, made a surprise visit to Kabul.

Pakistan has been a strong supporter of the Taliban over the 20 years of the US war on Afghanistan. The Taliban have even called Pakistan their “second home” while also inviting the country for the government formation ceremony expected soon.

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen had told India Today TV in an interview that Pakistan is extremely important for the new Taliban administration and also added that many of the Taliban have their families, children living in Pakistan.

Pakistani Minister Sheikh Rashid said on a TV show said that the Pakistan government has always been the “custodian” of the Taliban leaders, alluding to the fact that they owe allegiance to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

“We are the custodians of Taliban leaders. We have taken care of them for long. They got shelter, education and a home in Pakistan. We have done everything for them,” declared Rashid while speaking to a Pakistani news channel.

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