Telegram on Wednesday announced new features to improve content management in Groups and Channels and enhance the overall experience for Android and iOS users. The instant messaging app, which goes big on privacy, notes that its new Protected Content feature will help creators protect the content they publish on Telegram and ensure that it is available only for their intended audience. The Delete by Date feature is aimed at giving users complete control over their digital footprint. It will enable users to easily find and delete date-specific chats from the history. Telegram has added another layer of security by providing access to device login details from a specific device and options such as automatically logout due to an inactive session.

Telegram will also enable the Protected Content feature to groups and channels. Group and Channel owners who want to keep their content members-only can restrict message forwarding from their chat, which also prevents screenshots and limits the ability to save media from posts. To change users’ ability to forward messages open the Group or Channel go to. Info page > Group / Channel Type > Restrict Saving Content.

With the Delete Messages by Date feature, users can clear chat history from a specific day or date range in any one-on-one chat. The platform notes that it has allowed this feature to allow free-hand accessibility and control to users over their chat data.

Here is how you can delete messages by a particular date:

Tap the date bar that pops up as you scroll through the chat to open the calendar. then choose which days to clear. Clearing history by date currently only works in one-on-one chats, but messages in any chat can be set to auto-delete one day, week, or month after sending.

Further, Telegram users will also be able to post anonymously on a mass forum such as Telegram Public Channels that allow unlimited participants and Telegram Groups that can accommodate 0.2 million members. This means, when you send a message anonymously, it will appear as if the message is being sent from a channel that you are a post of or are representing.

To send messages anonymously as a group or channel, follow the given steps:

Tap the profile picture next to the message bar and choose one of your channels the messages you send after that will appear with the name and photo of the channel instead of your personal account. When posting as your channel, you will also see the channel name at the top of your message bubbles. Telegram will also allow some mobile devices with an option to receive a login call from Telegram and then enter several digits of the phone number that called instead of getting codes via text message.

Telegram has also updated its features for devices with iOS 13 and above like Text Recognition (Live Text). It will enable photos in Telegram chats, allowing users to quickly select, copy and search without touching their keyboard. Telegram notes that image recognition is securely handled entirely on your device. It also allows users to format text in media captions including bold or italics and other text formatting options for media captions as well including text links. Telegram will also have a redesigned contact info on iOS. It will have updated info pages with a new look in the style of iOS 15.


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