Kamala Harris visited Philippines for a summit recently. Prior to her visit rocket debris was found floating in the disputed sea.  Filipino soldiers had the Chinese rocket debris.  They were heading towards Pag – Asa Island. But it was alleged a Chinese coast guard vessel had forcibly seized  rocket debris. On Monday a statement has been issued by the Philippines navy. By force it had retrieved the floating debris off the waters. The Chinese maritime police found an “ unknown floating object in the sea.  They said they did not confront the Filipino soldiers.The AP reported Philippines forces handed it over after a friendly consultation. This was told by China. In the past Philippine’s supply boats delivered things to Filippino soldiers.The Chinese coast guard ships have blocked their boats but have never seized another Nation’s possessions. Kamala Harris flied to Western Philippines to look into this issue. “An armed attack on the Philippines armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft in the South China Sea would invoke US Mutual Defense commitments,” Kamala Harris told President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, AP reported.


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