Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi hit back at Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal, saying the outsiders are aiming to capture Punjab from Delhi.

Channi, who made his maiden presence at Agenda Aaj Tak event dancing to Bhangra beats, took a swipe at Kejriwal over his “Nakli Kejriwal roaming in Punjab” jibe.

Channi said, “Did you bring Kejriwal with Bhangra? You did not because you know he is not a Punjabi?”

“They are coming to Punjab from Delhi to understand the state. They want to capture Punjab from Delhi. I am a Punjabi, I know the place. I know what Punjab and its problems are You leave Punjab to us, we will manage it well. You had to try, you tried last year. Now leave it to us.”

Attacking Kejriwal and his AAP, Channi drew a parallel with the British colonial rulers. He said, “The entire nation fought against the British to drive them out. Now, they (AAP) have come here as Angrez to rule over us in Punjab.”

“First he said he is Nakli Aam Aadmi, now he is saying Nakli Kejriwal,” Channi said.

Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal targeted Channi, saying that the Punjab Chief Minister was just mimicking his political campaign. Kejriwal said as he publicised his programme to meet auto-rickshaw drivers, Channi got to know about it and headed to meet them first. He said Channi announced reducing electricity bills just to copy the AAP poll promise.

Kejriwal has referred to Channi on several occasions as “Nakli [fake] Kejriwal”, appealing to the voters of Punjab to “choose the real aam aadmi” in the upcoming assembly polls.

Channi hit back saying, “What does Kejriwal know about rickshaw? I have pulled a rickshaw myselfMy father had a tent house. Back then, there were no auto-rickshaws, just hand-pulled ones. I pulled them myself.”


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