On Sunday  a  6.8 magnitude earthquake had hit Taiwan .  It was in thinly populated Southeastern part of Taiwan , bureau said.  Many  train carriages derailed , stores collapsed and hundreds were trapped on mountain roads. In Taitung county was the epicentre and  followed a 6.4 magnitude temblor. There were no casualities and it was on Saturday evening in the same area. The quake had a  magnitude of 7.2  and  a  depth  of 10  km as measured by the US Geological survey .  One person had died  and 146 were injured as reported  by Taiwan’s fire department .  Four people were rescued  from  a  building  while three people whose vehicles fell off a damaged bridge were rescued and taken to hospital. In Eastern Taiwan at Dongli station , six carriages had come off rails after part of the platform canopy collapsed but no injuries as reported by fire department. Due to blocked roads more than 600 people were trapped on the Chike and  Liushishi mountain.


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