In Manipur an attempt was made to loot weapons and arms . Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) was attacked by a mob in Manipur but before looting they were stopped by the security forces. One person belonging to the mob died during the clash. In thoubal district of Manipur this incident took place where many people rushed to the IRB post. To prevent the movement of troops , road blocks had been laid by the mob said the Indian army . Very soon the situation was controlled by the Assam Rifles and the Rapid action force. “An attempt to loot weapons from an India Reserve Battalion at Khangabok in Thoubal district of Manipur was successfully thwarted by security forces today. One rioter was killed while a few others were injured during the failed attempt,” the Army said. On Monday the State police said in a statement that with incidents of violence there was a tense situation in Manipur. Due to state violence 326 people were detained in Manipur and around 118 check – points have been installed.


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