Riots, Anarchism and Protests raged after the death of George floyd involved white police officer in Minneapolis was the most sensational issue going on in us which makes the stammered situation of us along with corona crisis. Latest press conference in Washington DC , American President Donald Trump ordered to deploy hundreds of armed police officers , military services and law enforcement officers to get involved to quell the brutal protests for justice for George floyd’s death by having huge lose and insecurity on both sides ,police officer as well as protesters . the protest has been modulated to violence by looting the stores in cities, attacking police officers and setting fires for police stations. trump mentioned all the governors in US as “weak” and wants all of the violent protesters to arrest and produce severe charges for 10 years in jail , in short he wants governors and mayors of US to be harsh on cruel protesters who involves in violence. he depicts that this action of deploying high secured forces will make the situation normal and help the citizens of US to feel secured.

Amidst of the protest, a semi-truck have driven through the protesters and the protesters rounded off the drivers and beat him hardly, This incident feared protesters and makes situation more worse.

With the critical situation of protest going on one side, trump has made photo picture in front of the church posed with the bible that tries to convey to get peace back in US.

The biggest doubt is that, trump’s initiative of deploying several hundred armed forces would solve the situation or it would make it even worse?

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