Mary trump, niece of american president Donald trump who wrote a book ” Too much and Never Enough” by Donald trump , which his family sued to stop from being published. she used words such as sociopath, clown to paint his character in her book. she narrates Donald trump as an emotionally damaged narcissist who has cheated to get ahead and is unable to ” experience the entire spectrum of human emotions”.

“donald’s pathologies are so complex and his behaviours so often inexplicable thaht coming up with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis would require a full battery of psycological and neuropsycological tests that he will never sit for,” she writes in her book.

she also mentioned that he had no issue cheating his way to success. he would have his eldest sister, Maryanne, do his home work for him, and he hired a ringer to take his SAT fro him, the book says


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