Twitter testing new features to enhance the user experience. The microblogging site is testing a new TikTok-like Explore tab and also new ways to add warnings to photos and videos. Twitter will now let allow users to add one-time warnings to photos and videos to help the followers who might want the warning. Twitter noted that the feature would be available to a handful of users only.

“People use Twitter to discuss what’s happening in the world, which sometimes means sharing unsettling or sensitive content. We’re testing an option for some of you to add one-time warnings to photos and videos you Tweet out, to help those who might want the warning,” Twitter posted on their account. This feature is particularly useful especially when users are posting sensitive content. Prior to this, users had to claim that their posts are sensitive, but now they will be able to add labels only to some tweets as sensitive for some audiences.

For instance, while uploading the picture on Twitter, tap on three dots. Once you have done that, tap on the flag icon in the lower right corner and click on the box that better fits your content: “Nudity,” “Violence,” or just “Sensitive.” Twitter allowed users to add labels to their tweets previously as well but the new feature that is being tested lets users add the warning to single tweets. Users can also choose from the above-mentioned categories while adding labels to their tweets. The labels would not help the followers or people who might want the warning. Posts about death, suicide, murder is often considered sensitive. So before people come across tweets depicting any such thing, the label would help them in guiding about the same.

Apart from the warning labels, Twitter is also testing a new TikTok-like Explore tab. Twitter said it is testing the feature with selected users only. Twitter says that “explore experience to help you discover the best content that’s trending. Available in certain countries for some of you who use Twitter in English on Android and iOS.”


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