Thanks to the internet, most things are now easier with just a few clicks. However, the same can’t be said for the older generation, who often find it challenging to adapt to the advancement of technology. Be it shopping or ordering in food, several parents and grandparents are slowing trying to figure things out themselves.

A Twitter user recently shared a note written by his father on how to use an online cab aggregator, and the wholesome approach is well-known to all. Rahul Gupta shared how his father jots down steps in chronological order while Uber.

The tweet resonated with many online, as handwritten step-by-step instructions reminded several people of their own parents. The company too joined in the conversation saying, “No harm in a cheat sheet!”

Others appreciated the man’s willingness to try and learn new things. Some even remarked on how life comes a full circle when children start teaching their parents.

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