Prince William has become the latest figure to trigger outrage for responding in a ‘racist’ manner to the crisis in Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia. During a visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London on Thursday, March 10, Prince Williams reportedly said, “It’s very alien to see war and bloodshed in Europe. We are all behind you.” The comments were reported by the British news organisation, The Independent.

This comment made by Prince Williams has sparked a massive outrage on Twitter and many people have responded to this statement. People have called his response ‘disgusting and racist’.

Prince William’s statement comes in the context of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, which has reached Day 15. Russia began invading Ukraine on February 24.


Ever since the war broke out, stories of discrimination against people of colour trying to cross the Ukrainian border have been making headlines. As have been stories about the inherent racism in some of the responses to the crisis.

The prime ministers of Bulgaria and Poland came under fire for saying they would accept any number of refugees because, “these are not the refugees we are used to. These are intelligent and educated people.”

Journalists have also been criticised for implying that war is meant perhaps only for “impoverished and remote” countries and not a “civilised” nation with “blue eyes and blonde hair people.”

Now, the comment on war and bloodshed ‘being alien’ to Europe has sparked a widespread outrage on Twitter against Prince William.

Here is a look at some of the responses on Twitter that have expressed anger over Prince William’s reported remarks.


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