In  Delhi even in May being one of the hottest months of the year , it had a different weather scenario .  Around  Delhi – NCR , a thick layer of  fog had engulfed.  It had rained for the last two days and today morning it was foggy. Road visibility is extending only for few meters. People are moving around in winter wear due to this weather. Hailstorms and fresh rainfall is predicted for the next  5 days and the Indian Meteorological department  ( IMD)  has issued an alert for Delhi people. Many have tweeted that rains in Delhi in the month of May is a rare phenomenon. Adding on that is the thick fog which is an abnormal one .  A netizen wrote, “Don’t have in memory such wet and cold May 4th since my childhood”. It was to 19 degrees Celsius that the temperature had dipped today early morning. Climate change is one of the trending factors.  So  high climate change is attributed to such conditions.


ctn author