India’s unified Payments Interface (UPI) and Rupay cards will soon be launched in France, which means that Indians living in this country will be able to make payments using this as well. The Union Communication Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced the launch of new services and said that these will soon be made available in France.

According to a report by ANI news agency, Jawed Ashraf, who is the Indian Ambassador in France, has confirmed that National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) has already begun the process by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lyra Network of France. With this, India is aiming to push UPI to the European region, which will give a major boost to India’s UPI payment system.

The same has already been successfully established in countries such as Nepal, Singapore, UAE, Bhutan, and more. NPCI international is now planning to launch the UPI-based system in more countries, such as US, European regions, and West Asia. Now that the process has started for France, Indians traveling to France will soon be able to make payments more seamlessly.

“We tried and successfully launched. Most of the merchandise are accepting UPI payments and RuPay cards. I strongly believe that we can do this in Europe also. We are trying to start UPI and RuPay cards soon in France. We will have to discuss this with the central bank, regulator, as well as companies here in France. In France, there is very less use of digital payment. But it needs to be integrated and seamless. It lacks efficiency as we have in India,” Ashraf said.

The Ambassador also shared his experience and asserted that the UPI system will help a lot of people. He once went to a doctor but wasn’t able to pay him in cash or by cheque. He then had to go to the ATM to withdraw the money. With the introduction of UPI system, people won’t have to go through this hassle.


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