For  most people  it is terrifying  at the thought  of jumping out of an aeroplane even with a parachute.  It will be more when a person is skydiving with a surfboard.  Skysurfing is an extreme sport  in which a skydiver wears a custom skysurfing board attached to the feet and performs aerobatics during the free-fall like a surfer. On  July 4 2022, a USA native citizen has set a Guinness world record for the most helicopter spins.  In  Orange in Virginia , while skysurfing  KĒBĒ Keith Edward Snyder broke his own record with 175 helicopter spins .  It was by 15 spins He broke his previous attempt.  On Wednesday  in his Instagram he posted video of  record breaking attempt.  The video has garnered more than 2. 07 lakh views.  Many comments poured in and Netizen said that he felt “drowsy by just seeing it”. “Spun so fast that he started going back up!” commented an Instagram user. “How do I convince my mom to buy me this new Beyblade???,” joked another. A third posted, “Now THIS is a record worth mentioning! No silly stuff here.” “This is called World Record. I feel drowsy by just seeing it!” said yet another. It was on November 1 2021 Snyder had set his previous record for the most helicopter spins  while skysurfing in Egypt against  the striking backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza.


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