A woman was arrested after she confessed to killing her four-year-old son in front of her own mother inside their family home in Texas, US. Monica Figueroa was taken into custody on charges of murder, Fox News reported.

The 42-year-old woman stabbed her son with a sharp weapon as her mother watched on, the report said.

Police were informed by the woman’s mother, Mary Johnson, on suspicion that Monica would hurt her son. When the police arrived, they found Grayson Hurt, the four-year-old boy, dead and partially covered by a blanket.

The police said Mary Johnson observed her daughter Monica on top of a rolled blanket while cutting it with a wooden handled knife, saying that she heard screaming, Fox News reported.

As per the police, Monica Figueroa threatened Mary Johnson and instructed her to leave, which she did. When Mary came back to the house, the four-year-old boy was dead, prompting her to call the police. The body was sent for autopsy.

When investigators began questioning Monica Figueroa, she admitted to killing her son.


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