Bigg Boss Tamil fame actress Vanitha Vijayakumar has traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to visit a close friend a fe days ago, but was held at the airport. The controversial TV personality apparently had to wait several hours to enter the country. Vanitha took to her social media to give detailed an insight about her struggles at the Bangkok International airport throughout the 4-hour wait.

She said the whole thing was a scam and that all she needed was a printout of a certificate of entry, which she had already applied for before the travel. Interestingly, the manager of the airlines she traveled in allegedly told the actress that there were no printers in the airport and that she needed to travel back to India to collect the printout to enter Thailand, but was eventually permitted to enter the nation.

Vanitha Vijayakumar took to her social networking page and posted, “@srilankanairlinesofficial scam…stuck in airport immigration past 3 hours…Bangkok airport is deserted…no duty free no food no printer in the whole of bangkok #suvarnabhoomiairport. No printer to take print for visa on arrival for eligible travelers…Bangkok is always visa on arrival and now they have a policy for certificate of entry called thaili pass which I got already f om India….can’t enter country because no printer …@srilankanairlinesofficial so rude and unethical doesn’t care after taking exorbitant ticket fares…the manager is asking me to buy a new ticket and go back to India to get a print out…” (sic)

After finally being allowed entry, Vanitha posted, “After 4 hours of not giving up and refusing to accept inappropriate rejection…fought my way as i always with practical approach and perceverence …I have entered Thailand successfully…i thank the immigration police and airport passenger service for their support and humanity.” (sic)


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