On June 9, actor-producer Vishal filed a complaint against producer RB Choudary with the Chennai police. He accused the producer of not returning cheque leaves, bonds and promissory notes even after repaying his loan. Producer RB Choudary of Super Good Films responded to the allegation saying he lost the documents and will sort out the issue once he is back in Chennai.


Vishal had received a loan from producer RB Choudary for his film, Irumbu Thirai, which released in 2018. As surety, the Action actor produced cheque leaves, bonds and promissory notes to him. The actor said that he repaid the loan but is yet to get back the cheque leaves, promissory notes and bond papers from RB Choudary.

In his tweet, Vishal wrote, “It’s unacceptable that Mr #RBChoudhary failed to return the Cheque Leaves, Bonds & Promissory Notes months after repaying the loan to him for the Movie #IrumbuThirai, he was evading giving excuses & finally told he has misplaced the documents. We have lodged a complaint with Police (sic).”


Producer RB Choudary of Super Good Films has reacted to the complaint filed by Vishal. Speaking to a Tamil magazine, the producer said, “Vishal borrowed a sum from me and Tiruppur Subramanian for his film Irumbu Thirai. It was director Sivakumar (Ayudha Pujai fame), who managed the documents. Unfortunately, Sivakumar died of a heart attack. Hence, we could not get back the documents after his untimely death.”

Further, Choudary added, “We have given a written document to Vishal saying that he paid the pending amount. But, Vishal is scared that this would cause a problem in the future. I am currently out of station. I will come back and resolve this matter.”

Directed by PS Mithran, Irumbu Thirai features Vishal, Arjun Sarja, and Samantha Akkineni in lead roles. The film received positive reviews from critics and audience alike.

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