After the Tamil Nadu government decided to open the liquor shops in 27 districts for a limited period of time, a unique incident from Madurai has gone viral.

The Tamil Nadu government extended the statewide lockdown till June 29. However, the administration has announced several relaxations, and the opening of Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) liquor stores is one of them.

A man in Madurai was seen worshipping his bottles of liquor in front of a TASMAC store. He lighted an earthen lamp on the stairs of the shop. After purchasing the bottles, he kept them beside the lamp and bowed before them a number of times to pray.

A few who were present there recorded the entire incident. The videos have now gone viral on social media.

Ever since the Covid-19-imposed lockdowns and restrictions came into being, many bizarre alcohol-related incidents have appeared from across the country.

Similar to what was seen in Madurai, a video of an elderly old woman buying alcohol had gone viral on social media in April this year.

She was seen queueing up to buy liquor. In the video that did the rounds of social media, she said “not medicine or injection, only alcohol can cure the coronavirus”.


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