Australian all-rounder Cameron Green failed to make a big mark with the bat again in the second Ashes Test at the Adelaide Oval and former captain Ricky Ponting called his dismissal just as Ben Stokes was starting the run up for the delivery that crashed onto the 22-year-old’s stumps.

Ponting said that with Green starting with an open stance, the England bowlers will bowl full and straight in an attempt to square him up.

“Very distinct change of tactics for the new batsman Cameron Green. They will get a lot fuller and straighter, they will target his stumps. Have a look at how he sets up in his stance. He sets up with a very open front foot. That is generally a sign of someone who is very worried about getting LBW, doesn’t want to get their front foot too far across into the line of his stumps,” Ponting said while commentating on the match for 7Cricket.

Just a second after Ponting stopped speaking, Stokes released the ball and squared up Green. The ball crashed on to the top of Green’s off stump. Stokes ended up getting some late movement on the delivery. Ponting later said that Green should change his stance if he is going to move back and across the crease after the ball is bowled.

“Look how open his stance is, there is massive back and across movement. He is on or outside off stump with his backfoot and let us have a look at where his front foot goes. When he moves forward, he doesn’t ever get outside the line of his backfoot, which causes him to square up, that right hip is exposed and he is then playing across the line of the ball,” said Ponting while analysing Green’s dismissal.

“So his bat is going from first slip down towards mid-on, coming across the line of the ball. It did straighten a fraction but it thumped into the stumps. He starts with an open stance, but when you make that back and accross movement, it exaggerates how open you actually are.

“If you are going to do that, start with a square stance, because when you move, you have actually squared your body back up again and you will be covering off stump. All that I see there with his setup and footwork pattern is that he is so worried and almost scared of getting out LBW that it is all that he can think about,” said Ponting.


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