Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, during his public address in Ariyalur on Tuesday, November 29, hit out at the previous AIADMK government and its contribution to the state. He stated that the previous AIADMK government had established how a government and a CM should not be.

The CM said that the current government welcomed criticism and was open to it, but was against toxicity. He took multiple jabs at the previous AIADMK government in the state and said that the present government is striving towards “achieving the glory that the state lost in the previous government.” CM Stalin also said there was no law and order issue in the state.

During his public address in Ariyalur, CM Stalin said, “In the next few years there should not be any backward districts in the state and we are working towards that. The DMK government wants to set an example of how a government should work. How a government should not be and how a CM should not be, all that is well established in the previous AIADMK government.”

“When they had power in their hands, they just kept quiet and ruined it for ten years. Now, they are going and complaining and the general public are laughing at them,” said MK Stalin.

“There is no problem in the law and order situation, but some are trying to ruin it. Some are feeling bad that the law and order situation is in place and some people’s stomachs are burning over the fact that Tamil Nadu is peaceful. Some are simply crying wolf and they are worried about their existence and are screaming danger,” added MK Stalin.

He further said, “There is no danger for the common man. We are here to protect the common man. We are not afraid of criticism, we welcome it. But in the name of criticism, there should not be toxicity. The person who criticises should have a basis to criticise.”

“Those who did not do anything when they had power have no right to criticise now. We are trying to achieve all the lost fame of TN and also achieve the fame that the state has never seen before. That is our aim and we are working towards that,” said MK Stalin.


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