Realme has several products in its Techlife range ready for a launch in India. To give you some idea, the company has a product ready for almost every corner of your home, right from your front door to your bathroom.

Realme recently gave India Today Tech a sneak peek into the upcoming lifestyle products that are aimed at making things easier for consumers. But, all of that has been part of Realme’s grand plan for the Indian market.

At the start of 2021, the company revealed its plan for the market and the strategy where the non-smartphone business had a major role to play. Now, the company has given us an exclusive early look at what it plans to do in its non-smartphone business, which currently contributes about 10 per cent of overall India business, as per Realme.

All of these devices that we saw at Realme’s event will be part of the company’s broader smart home category that currently includes the Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Realme LED Smart Bulb, Realme Smart Plug, Realme Motion Activated Night Light, Realme Smart Scale, and Realme Smart Cam 360.

Future Realme Techlife products: A sneak peek

Ahead of a formal launch in India, Realme showcased its upcoming Techlife products in Delhi, which included some released and, of course, some unreleased products smartly placed across a huge house.

Starting from the front door that was fitted with the smart doorbell camera that works with the Realme Link. So, if someone is at your home, you can talk to the person from anywhere around the world thanks to the Realme Link app that works as a management platform and connects several company products with your smartphone. While the company hasn’t given any specific timeline, but we expect the Techlife smart doorbell camera to launch next year.

Realme also plans to launch new motion sensor cameras that get activated with motion, as the name suggests, and as you may have guessed already, you get an alert on your connected Realme Link app.

The company also showcased its all-new Smart automatic door sensors that can switch on the lights in the room when the door opens and turn them off when the door shuts – all controlled by a connected mothership device in the same room. Then, Realme also showcased humidity and temperature sensors that can constantly feed you the parameter data through the Realme Link app.

The best part is that the upcoming Techlife products from Realme draw the perfect picture where one device is communicating with another device in the same home. The perfect example of artificial intelligence of things or more popularly referred to as AIoT, where AI takes advantage of the IoT infrastructure.

The motion sensor cameras that we saw at the location can be connected to your Realme Link app, and if you want, you can connect up to 17 such cameras with the app. So, if you want, you can totally ditch the traditional CCTV and switch to Techlife motion sensor cameras that notify you about any movements even inside the home.

At this point, there are endless possibilities and situations where these products would come in handy for a consumer in day-to-day life. But, we will have to wait for some more time before these officially make their way to India.

Air purifier, smart glass, water immersion sensor: Some upcoming products that could stand out

While we saw plenty of devices at Realme’s venue fitted with smart sensors across the place, some products that we believe could make a bigger impact in India include the air purifier, which comes with a colour screen at the front showing real-time data, smart eyewear with speakers fitted in the frames, and a water immersion sensor.

The air purifier will be smarter than the Realme Techlife air purifier available in India at Rs 7,499. This will mean it should be slightly more expensive than the older model.

Realme also showcased a unique sensor, a water immersion sensor. Imagine if you have a device that can send you a notification of your water-related problems. Like someone forgot to close the tap in the bathroom, or someone forgot to turn off the water tank at home that has water spilling out of it. The water immersion sensor is the smart device you always wanted but didn’t get so far.

Well, we saved the best one for the last. As the Realme team called them, the smart glasses come with an exciting design that has speakers attached on each side of the frames of glass. Right from being used as a speaker for listening to music to talking on call.

All the while using the glasses and not bothered about any other thing. That’s what the Realme Techlife smart glasses can bring to the table. The convenience they can add and the style quotient they bring is not to be missed.

But, we want the “smart” term to be used more diligently since the glasses do not come with any assistant support or anything and are basically another version of the Bluetooth speaker fitted onto a glass. So, Realme should probably just call it Realme Techlife Glass or eyewear.

Let us know in the comments section which upcoming smart Realme products you’re excited about.


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