It was reported a long time ago that WhatsApp is planning to extend the time limit of the ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ feature. Now, the messaging app has been spotted testing different time limits for the feature. Currently, users only have the option of deleting the message once sent after one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds. However, things will soon take a different turn as WhatsApp users may get to delete their messages for everyone, seven days after sending them.

Delete for Everyone feature is a useful tool, which helps you in deleting a message you have wrongly sent to a person. However, there are limitations as you can only delete the message upto one hour of sending it. If you miss the deadline, you cannot delete the message for everyone. To make things easier for users, WhatsApp is now working on extending the time limit. The messaging app was spotted testing two different times for Delete For Everyone feature.

WhatsApp features tracker Wabetainfo has confirmed that WhatsApp is now planning to change the time limit to 7 days and 8 minutes in a future update. Previously, it was also being speculated that WhatsApp will do away with the time limit bit and keep the option open for users to delete messages for everyone even after hours, days, years of sending them. But now WhatsApp is planning to modify the current time limit at a later date.

The WhatsApp tipster reports that the feature is still under development, so WhatsApp might change its plan again or introduce a new time limit. Only a final rollout can confirm whether WhatsApp will completely remove restrictions to delete a message or modify the time limit at a later date. This could be upto 7 days or more.

On a related note, WhatsApp was also spotted testing new playback options for audio messages. WhatsApp was found testing the possibility to rush through the forwarded voice messages. The voice notes can be speed up up to 7 2X.

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