WhatsApp has reportedly rolled out a new update for Android beta testers. According to screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo, the messaging app will now inform users if they miss a call when Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is enabled. The app will also let you know the time of the call.

WhatsApp will display a small box in the chat, saying that you “missed voice call at 21:38 while on Do Not Disturb” mode. This is a minor update, but is equally important because there are people who use DND mode in meetings or in other situations and they don’t get to know whether they got a call on the messaging app. Of course, if users check the Call section in the app just after disabling the DND mode, then they will be able to know about the missed call.

It is unclear when this feature will be made available to all the users via the stable update. Those who are using WhatsApp’s Android version will be able to check out this feature. The cited source claims that some of the users are also able to witness the same feature in beta build of Android.

The cited source also reported that the update will be pushed to several beta users in the coming days. For those who are unaware, every smartphone has a DND mode that silences all the notifications, alerts as well as calls on the phone. The feature is pretty self explanatory and is used when people don’t want to get disturbed by anyone.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a new feature called Companion mode. The same source, which spotted the feature in the beta version, revealed that this feature will let people access the existing WhatsApp account on a secondary mobile. Currently, the app lets you link your account to up to 4 four different devices such as laptop and tablet. But, you can’t access it on another smartphone. This may change soon. It is unknown when this feature will be made available to everyone.


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