Texting is the easiest form of communication today, and that is because nearly everyone has access to a chat app. In India, that app is WhatsApp, but texting is mostly popular among young users. For everyone else, WhatsApp’s voice messages are how people communicate in India. If you are among the users of voice messages, there is good news. WhatsApp is testing a new look for voice messages that it is likely to roll out to iPhone users soon. That means your voice messages will soon look better and more simplified.

WhatsApp is testing the waveform appearance for voice messages, in which the waves will appear in the message according to the loudness of your voice. This is similar to how sound recorders on your phone show recordings, and very helpful in understanding the voices in them. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for iOS beta has begun to show waveforms in the chat bubbles. Since the feature is available in beta, only specific people with testing privileges can try it out.

This is what the waveform will look like:

The report mentions that WhatsApp has been working on bringing waveforms to its voice messages for at least six months, and this is also not the first time that waveforms have started showing in chat bubbles. WhatsApp trialled the feature earlier but had to pull it due to some complication. As the new beta version brings the feature back to testing again, WhatsApp is hoping more and more testers will use it and provide the necessary feedback before the rollout for a stable version.

WABetaInfo also said that the waveform feature needs to be enabled on both sides of a chat – meaning waveforms will not show unless apps of both the sender and the receiver have the feature enabled. Since testing is available to select people, chances of people missing out on the waveform appearance are high even though they are a part of beta testing. But, in any case, a stable rollout will follow soon for iOS users, at least. WhatsApp has not begun testing the feature on Android yet.

But Android users have another feature to look for. WhatsApp is testing a new reaction feature for messages, much like how you drop heart and laugh emojis on messages on Instagram and Messenger. There will be up to six emoji reactions available in the pop-up for a message. These reactions will be “Like,” “Love,” “Laugh,” “Surprised,” “Sad,” and “Thanks.” Since the feature is in testing, everyone cannot use it. There is also no information on when this will become available.


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