Samajwadi Party (SP) leader and Lok Sabha MP Shafiqur Rahman has questioned the central government’s move to increase the minimum age for marriage for women from 18 to 21. Shafiqur Rahman said marrying off daughters by 18 would be a relief for parents.

He questioned the logic behind the move, rejecting the argument that such a law would make women independent.

Shafiqur Rahman said, “Why do you want to make them independent? It should not happen.”

Shafiqur Rahman told India Today TV that the atmosphere in the country was bad for women and therefore, 18 years is enough age for them to get married.

“The atmosphere of the country is bad. We have to take care of our daughters so that nothing wrong happens to them,” Shafiqur Rahman said.

Shafiqur Rahman said the only wish poor people of the country have is that their daughters get married soon and “go their home”.

He said that parents would also be relieved of the responsibility to raise and educate their daughters if they were married by 18 years of age.

Shafiqur Rahman said while there would be restrictions on women after they get married, they can continue their studies while living with their in-laws.

“They can decide if they want to continue their studies after marriage. Their in-laws won’t object,” Shafiqur Rahman said.

He said women after marriage could educate their children further.

Shafiqur Rahman said he would oppose the bill to increase the age of marriage for women if the government brought it in Parliament. The Union Cabinet approved the proposal on Wednesday to increase the age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years.


India today

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