For the past two weeks , Chinese defence Minister  Limshangfi  is not been able to be seen in public and has been placed under investigation.This is the belief of  US government.  Financial times reported  Shang fu  responsibilities as a defence Ministerhas been stripped out.  Rahm Emanuel , the US convoy to Japan wrote “President Xi’s cabinet lineup is now resembling Agatha Christie’s novel ‘And Then There Were None’.” “First, foreign minister Qin Gang goes missing, then the rocket force commanders go missing and now defence minister Li Shangfu hasn’t been seen in public for two weeks,” he wrote. “Who’s going to win this unemployment race? China’s youth or Xi’s cabinet?” Emanuel said. After Chinese Foreign minister Qin Gang went missing in July, Shangfu’s  sudden disappearance came into the picture.  People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force is an elite force overseeing the country’s conventional and nuclear missiles. From this two top generals were removed two months ago by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Owing to health conditions Li had cancelled a meeting last week as per news agency.


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