‘Andaava Kanom’ Release date Announced

Andaava Kanom to release on October 18 during pooja holidays. Certain Films choose their dates of release through sheer power of the content. “Andaava Kanom” produced by J Sathish Kumar for JSK Film corporation is believed to be a film of absolute content packed.

Starring Shreya reddy who rates her performance in this film much powerful than her earlier films , Andaava Kanom directed by Debutant Director Velmathi has created a huge buzz of expectations in the industry

The power of women will be expressed in full measure on October 18th over the release of “Andaava kanom” declared Producer JSK. P V Shankar is the cinematographer , Sathyaraj Natarajan is the editor,Ashma mithra is the Music director,while Vel mathy mantles the responsibility of story, screen play,dialogues and direction

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