The Google Pixel Buds A-series truly wireless headphones were released by Google in June. Now they are getting a new upgrade. Notably, this new update includes a bass slider, volume correction, and other exciting new features.

In the settings for his Pixel Buds A-Series, accessible via the Bluetooth menu, the top menu item now reads “Firmware update available – Tap to start.” The update brings with it some interesting tweaks. The Pixel Buds now includes the bass boost feature is now improved with a 4-level slider, bass and treble can be adjusted at lower volume with ‘Loudness compensation,’ and the buds will now more intelligently switch between devices.

In a blog post, Google announced which of the following features are rolling out:

Customize your bass: With any Android 6.0+ device, you can open the Pixel Buds app and use the slider to adjust bass from -1 to +4, giving you twice the bass range you have now. You can quickly adjust to increase the bass level by 4 levels with options of multiple magnitudes, or decrease the bass level compared to the current default setting.
Loudness compensation: Improve bass and treble at lower volume levels with a toggle on or off in the Sound Settings.
Improved device switching: Pixel Buds A-Series will search and connect to the second to last connected device when undocked from the charging case if the last connected host device is unavailable.

The Bass slider feature enables you to adjust the bass from -1 to +4 under the settings section. As per Google, this provides the users access to “twice the bass range” on devices operating Android 6.0 or above.

Additionally, there is also a new toggle under the Sound settings called “Loudness compensation.” Once enabled, this feature will help you to improve bass and to tune, improve, and treble it at low volume levels.

And lastly, improved device switching means if the last connected device is unavailable, the earphones will automatically search and connect to the second-to-last connected device when undocked from the charging case.

Last but not the least, the update also brings general bug fixes and stability improvements to the Pixel Buds A-series earphones. It has already begun to be distributed, and it is expected to reach all users in the coming days.


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