Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh on Monday told the Supreme Court that the Maharashtra government was trying to protect Director General of Police Sanjay Pandey while it was going “hammer and tongs” against him by filing multiple cases.

In his rejoinder to the affidavit filed by the Maharashtra government before the Supreme Court, Param Bir Singh said while the Maharashtra government was registering one FIR after another against him, it was defending DGP Pandey by filing writ petitions before the Bombay High Court. He also alleged that the state government was trying to thwart the CBI investigation against former home minister of the state, Anil Deshmukh.

“What have been conveniently suppressed by the State of Maharashtra is its attempts to thwart the CBI investigation by filing writ petition seeking to protect Sanjay Pandey and other persons involved in the witch hunt against a bona fide whistle blower (Singh),” stated Param Bir Singh’s rejoinder.

Param Bir Singh pointed out that even the CBI has filed its affidavit in reply to the writ petition of Maharashtra government in the Bombay High Court, stating that the petition filed by the state government is to “scuttle the investigation”.

“It also states that the state wants to protect the wrongdoers and further that the State is not cooperating with the investigation,” Param Bir Singh quoted from the affidavit in reply of the CBI.

Param Bir Singh pointed to a recorded conversation between him and DGP Pandey to state that the Maharashtra government was registering cases and initiating enquiries against him after he levelled corruption allegations against Anil Deshmukh.

In the recording, DGP Pandey is allegedly asked Param Bir Singh to withdraw the allegations against Deshmukh else there would be more cases filed against him.

Param Bir Singh stated that in the counter affidavit filed by DGP Pandey in the Supreme court, a statement is specifically made where he says that he was “only acting as a responsible senior officer trying to help out a colleague who had come to me”.

DGP Pandey had stated that the conversations between him and Param Bir Singh are being used by the latter out of context. Singh’s rejoinder states that “this makes it amply clear that Pandey has admitted the conversations, as has been submitted by me to the CBI along with my letter.”

The rejoinder also states that Param Bir Singh was handed over a suspension letter on December 2, and it was done on the recommendation of DGP Pandey through his letter dated August 12.

At present, Param Bir Singh faces five FIRs and two inquiries. However, his rejoinder also points out that the single member Chandiwal Commission, which is conducting an inquiry based on his complaint against Anil Deshmukh, had issued a bailable warrant against him. Thus, even this commission figures in the list of cases against Singh in his rejoinder.


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