As a leader, it’s up to you to FRAME THE DREAM, let everyone see how they FIT INTO THE DREAM, and then help them understand that YOU BELIEVE IN THAT DREAM more than anyone else.

Whether you’re a leader in your business, your community, or your family, when you teach others to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, BELIEVE THEY ARE WORTHY, and give them meaningful opportunities for GROWTH, they will REWARD you a thousand times over.

The people who follow you will act with enthusiastic LOYALTY, EFFORT, and CONTAGIOUS BLISS that will spread to everyone they meet.

Errors are Elevation.
All Greatness within YOU.


BeRoyal #DoBig #StayHungry.

பறவைகள்… உச்சியில்… வீற்றிருக்கின்றன…
விழுந்துவிடும் பயமில்லாமல்! ஏன்?
பறந்து விடும் பயிற்சி இருப்பதால்!…..

உச்சம்..தொட..பயிற்சி தேவை
அச்சம் இல்லா முயற்சி தேவை..
பட்சி..சொன்ன.. பாடமிது….


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