Amazon on Tuesday has now came with the new evolution of payments by using your palm of your hand at some of their stores. The company launched Amazon One, which records your palm print to a stored credit card so it can be convenient for users to just place your hand above a sensor to enter and buy items at checkout-free Amazon Go stores. This method have replaced the latest trend of payment options such as smart phone to open from the barcodes on the shop. Initially, this feature will be available at two amazon Go stores in Seattle, and the company plans inn upcoming months to add it to more amazon Go stores, Amazon also plans to bring this tech to other retailers such as offices and stadiums in the future. Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology said to reports that,” Amazon One had been in the works since long before the pandemic. But the timing could be a positive for Amazon. Customers may find such contract -free entry and payment technology convenient, and businesses, which are increasingly looking to technical solutions to navigate the pandemic, may also find it appealing”.

Still the idea of using the bio-metric data to one of the largest retailers in the US could raise eyebrows, too. Amazon has previously come under fire from privacy advocates who are concerned about it’s facial-recognition software. Amazon said in June that it would be temporarily stop selling its recognition software to police. Kumar also stated that Amazon is not storing any information locally on entry scanners at stores. ” I encourage people to try it, see how they like the experience, and then go from there,” Kumar said . Amazon One is the great efforts of company to make user convenient and fastest shopping, this arrival had been anticipated.

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