At  Delhi airport it was an emotional scene when parents embraced their children who were under  the captivity of Mafia for the last 6 months in Libya. On Sunday night a group of 17 Indian men arrived in Delhi . They were let from Tripoli jail in Libya .  These  individuals  found themselves trapped in Libya after they were cheated  by travel agents who lured them of job opportunities in Italy. These labourers of Punjab and Haryana had paid Rs. 13 lakh to an agent citing job opportunities. They realized they were cheated only when they saw their work permits  printed in Arabic leaving them struck.  In May the victims managed to break free from their captors and sought refuge in a hotel. The hotel owners alerted local authorities leading to unfortunate reapprehension. In Libya as there is no Indian embassy, it further worsened the matters.  Rahul Sharma , one of the victims of Haryana said   “Four months ago I went to Libya but later we were sold to Libi as bound labourers. We used to work for hours without food and water or survive on a single piece of bread for two days. Toilet and drinking were in the same place”.  It was a life of misery when Sandeep from Punjab narrated a similar incident. He added  “ I  went to Dubai on a tourist visa. There I met an immigration agent who lured us to better working opportunities in Libya in the oil sector. In Libya we were sold for 5,000 Libiyan Dinnar. They took our phones and our passports. They used to beat us when we refused to work. Even jail in Libya was worse”.


ctn author