India and china were agreed to peacefully resolve the situation in border areas with certain bilateral agreements, foreign ministry said after the major level military talk held between two countries chief officers near eastern Ladakh.

The talks were initiated by India were held at Border personnel Meeting point in Maldo on chinese side of LAC in eastern Ladakh on Saturday. the talk werein a positive way that both sides have agreed to resolve the situation in peaceful manner in accordance with several bilateral agreement which upholds peace and tranquility for overall development of bilateral relations.

The stand off in eastern ladakh and deployment of military troops in border from both the countries made the escalating tensions between the borders in ladakh. which comes to mutual agreements to resolve the situation peacefully through dialogue and consultation of both higher level officers. India-China boundary covers almost 3,488 km long line of control

Both sides have been attaining the pending of final resolution of the boundary issue, that its is necessary to maintain peace along the borders along LAC

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