Past few days protests has been bolstered in multiple cities of US , After the death of George Floyd who has pinned down to his neck by knee of one of the four police officers who kept him in under custody in Minnesota, Minneapolis. George Floyd was about to start his successful life as one of his friend recommended to move him to Minnesota but unfortunately police officer ruined his life.

The protest broke out after the shocking video of Minneapolis police officer who pinned him down to street with his knees, which leads to death of Floyd. it is clear in video that police officer refused to free him up even he pleading that “I can’t Breathe” . four police officers involved in this incident has been fired by the mayor of Minnesota.

Since the protest got support from members of cities to get justice for the Floyd’s death to his family. people have boycotted in a large group in front of police station and sets fire to police building made this protest even terrible. people are now demanding death sentence to be given for the white officer who pinned down George Floyd to death .

protesters sets fire to police building in Minnesota

Having blown up as a sensitive issue of racism people have united together to get conclusion to racism through George Floyd, to control the gathering of mass protesters in cities hundreds of military sources have been surrounded around the cities to control the situation. Now , the officer who pinned down Floyd to death is under custody and Charges to be raised on him.

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