On Wednesday South African cheetah , Tejas died at Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno  National park (KNP). It had a violent fight with female cheetah . The post mortem report revealed that , it had got a traumatic shock out of that fight  and it could not recover from it .  The feline was internally weak. A forest official  said it’s lungs and kidneys were affected . Injury marks on the neck was revealed in the report. Before this cheetah , six other cheetahs died in the same park. Three cubs also died. The feline that passed away on Wednesday was five and half years old and it was brought from South Africa in February. In Jabalpur for an examination , the biopsy samples of cheetah  was sent. Then a complete report  would be prepared .  The cheetah’s  weight was 43 kgs which is less than the weight of normal male cheetah . It’s difficult to survive in such situations. The report said “Prima facie, the cause of the death is traumatic shock.” From 24 cheetahs – 20 translocated from Namibia and South Africa and four cubs born at the KNP – the total count of felines at the KNP has now dropped to 17.


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