On Thursday the Maui’s wildfires that ruined the resort town of Lahaina into ruins rose to 63. The major fires that broke down on Tuesday night cut off the historic city of Lahaina and the western side of the island. Over 270 structures were destroyed and damaged. Many  were injured , got burns and there was smoke inhalation.  A  substantial amount of people have left the island and people have fled into emergency shelters in the midst of rescue efforts .  To escape the situation some people jumped into the ocean and onlookers were surprised .  Many tourists were trying to leave Maui, while others took flights.  A  tourist narrated his experience of being caught in rental car in the midst of approaching fires with his wife and children.  To escape from that he jumped into Pacific ocean. He said “We floated around four hours.” They held on to a piece of wood for hours together before reaching the airport. “It was a vacation that turned into a nightmare. I heard explosions everywhere, I heard screaming, and some people didn’t make it. I feel so sad,” he said.


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