In Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal district cash and properties worth Rs. 10 crore were seized in the raids that was carried out at the premises of retired employee of health department .  Ashfaq  Ali salary was around  45,000 . Rs  per month  when  he retired from the post of storekeeper. During the raid cash worth 20 lakh and gold and silver worth 46 lakh were ascertained  from the house.  His house in Bhopal has expensive sofas & showcases , a  modular kitchen and a television . At the district hospital in Rajgarh, Ashfaq ali was earlier posted as  a  store keeper.  Much disproportionate sets were seized  when raids were conducted at different locations .  As per police officer , there were documents of  16 immovable properties , that was  worth of Rs.10 crore. He has got four buildings. For possessing excess wealth beyond his income , he was booked  under the Prevention of Corruption Act.


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