In June 2023 Retail information is on a high mode  reaching a three month high of 4. 81 percent . Food prices have been increased .  The retail inflation is measured by the consumer price index (CPI). In May 2022 CPI rate was at 7 percent but in May 2023 it’s a 4.31 percent . Alongside the inflation rate remains within the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) tolerance level of 2-6 per cent. Various food items like meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals etc will witness hike in price in the coming months so retail  inflation can also escalate on the higher side. Sudden erratic rainfalls due to unpredictable weather pattern may affect crop production and in turn will lead to an increase in food prices . In the next few months all this would lead upto an inflation . Aditi Nayar, an economist at ICRA, was quoted by news agency Reuters as saying, “A less supportive base and the onset of the spike in vegetable prices pushed up the CPI inflation to a higher than anticipated 4.8 per cent.” In july too vegetable prices  will be on a higher side. The retail inflaton is at uncomfortable 5.3-5.5 per cent” during the month.  Till August the high prices will continue and after that only it will mellow down as for economists. Consumers will tend to purchase less due to high inflation rate . This will lead to lower consumer spending and it will scale down the business sales.   


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