China, the pioneer in spreading covid -19 pandemic  ,  is now  facing a gross health issue on an emergency basis.  In china hospitals  are full with sick children  as a pneumonic outbreak has spread through schools .  In Liaoning province and Beijing  pediatric wards are full due to this pneumonia . It’s so severe that many classes in schools have been missed  since both teachers and students are ill. The situation is similar to that of early covid 19 days.  Symptoms of these  affected children are  similar to that of an individual who is down with flu or fever  or a person  with respiratory virus diseases like RSV. The affected children have no cough but are with high fever and lung infection. A Beijing citizen has told a Taiwanese news channel A citizen from Beijing told Taiwanese news channel “Many, many (children) are hospitalised. They don’t cough and have no symptoms. They just have a high temperature and many develop pulmonary nodules.” The sudden outbreak of this virus is not clear but it’s not affecting adults. Now people have started wearing mask while going out. WHO has asked China to provide a detailed information of the current situation of the children and all data related to it. Since then global health experts can get a clear picture of the current on goings.  


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