For the world Cup finals 2023 held in Ahmedabad , Sachin Tendulkar was present there.  He was also present during  Mumbai semifinals, witnessing  India’s beat against New Zealand. When India lost to Australia and waited to get their runners up medal in Ahmedabad on Sunday Tendulkar was seen going towards Indian players. He consoled he players including Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Captain Rohit sharma was I tears which he couldn’t hold back  at the prime moment. Indian team was visibly dejected and upset  even after returning from  the dressing room .  Tendulkar , one among the dignitaries consoled them with a few words and a pat on Kohli’s back.  Tendulkar had undergone being in the same position  when he finished the 2003 world Cup  with 673 runs. Even Mohammed  Sirji was inconsolable so Jasprit Bumrah  put  an arm around  him. India had a 10 match winning streak and a heartbreak losing the  trophy to  Australia during the  World Cup.  A significant factor was the pitch conditions and Australia decided  to bowl first when the pitch  was dewy  itself.  All this was Australia ‘s  masterstroke shown in the later half of the day.


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