On  Sunday an early holiday meal  dubbed “ Friendsgiving” was hosted by US President Joe Biden. He was accompanied by first  lady Jill Biden. She wore an apron and served dinners. That was a thanksgiving dinner to the families of military personnel.  In Virginia it took place in a flag-bedecked hangar at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk. On Thursday it’s a holiday in America for being a thanks giving Day. Prior to this was the “ Friendsgiving “ event . This joyous gathering had Biden’s getting involved. When the diners passed through them Mr. & Mrs. Biden served food. While Mr. Biden served up portions of mashed potatoes, his wife dished out sweet potatoe casserole. Guests included the military families of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers. Due to the Israel – Hamas conflict, vessels are deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean region. “You literally are the spine, the sinew, the backbone of this operation,” Biden said. Of the family members of those deployed abroad, he added: “You family members are the heart of this operation.”  Biden has planned to spend thursday holiday with his family in Nantucket’s Atlantic Island . Before this he will participate in the National Thanksgiving Turkey on Monday. A traditional pardoning will take place. On Monday falls Biden ‘s birthday as he is 81.


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