The vaccination for Nipah Virus by human testing of an experimental vaccine is underway.  On Thursday the university of Oxford announced it. In some parts of Asia and in Kerala   Nipah virus  had severe effects.  For this dangerous virus no vaccine has been found. In Malaysia around 25 years ago Nipah was  first identified then to Singapore, India and Bangladesh it had spread . Last week first set of participants received trial dose. Technology for the vaccine is same as of  the AstraZeneca’s and Serum Institute of India’s Covid-19 shots. The response of this virus in the patients of age 18 – 51 years is to be ascertained. Vaccination results will be declared. Dr In-Kyu Yoon, an executive at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) said “Nipah has epidemic potential, with its fruit bat hosts found in areas home to over two billion people. This trial is a step forward in efforts to build a suite of tools to protect against this killer virus.” The trial is intiated by the Oxford Vaccine group but the funds for human testing is by  CEPI, a global coalition that supports the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. In Nipah – affected countries further trial will begin. From infected animals like bats and pigs Nipah virus gets spread to humans as it’s a Zoonotic illness. In Kerala in 2023 there were six cases and two deaths were confirmed by Calicut lab. Fever, cold and difficulty in breathing will occur for infected persons.


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