In Karnataka providing  eggs as part of mid day meals  has had a positive output. The study was conducted over 4500 students in two districts. There was a “clear evidence of significant improvement” with girls in Class 8 gaining up to 71% more weight than their peers who were not served eggs.  The study reveals due to the introduction of eggs  and to some extent  bananas  the Body Mass Index ( BMI) of children ,both boys and girls seem to be improved. It refutes observations of another Karnataka government committee, on the National Education Policy, 2020, which said that serving eggs and meat in midday meals can cause “lifestyle disorders”. In Yadgir under a three month long study between December 2020 and March 2021 the impact of mid day meals was clearly shown.  It was  visible with the  authorities served  eggs to one set of students and the other set was provided regular vegetarian meals with milk. No previous studies of mid day meals are available.  In Kalyan region of Karnataka which is  among its most backward in terms of socio-economic status and education, there is a need for  additional protein  and calories as per recent analysis. Bananas cannot be  a  substitute for  eggs  even though it’s rich in potassium. The studies were done by food scientists, public health experts and economists  that  comprise to be a 15 member team   of Karnataka State Rural Development & Panchayat Raj University .  As per report more protein  and  calories in mid day meals is  required  in places where eggs are not served.               


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