Between  North Korea and Russia , army negotiations are going on in full swing.  A US official said that the Korean leader Kim Jon has been warned that his country will have to face the consequences for supplying Russia with weapons to use in Ukraine . US national security adviser Jake Sullivan addressed  the White House reporters. He said in the International community , Korea will have to pay a price for it as it will not be reflected well for Korea . US officials has earlier released a statement that this month Kim plans to travel to Russia. It’s to discuss with weapon supplies. US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said  “We have continued to squeeze Russia’s defence industrial base,” and Moscow is now “looking to whatever source they can find” for goods like ammunition. “We will continue to call on North Korea to abide by its public commitments not to supply weapons to Russia that will end up killing Ukrainians,” Sullivan said. As per political analysts Russia’s isolation over it’s war in Ukraine has grown, it has also seen in increasing value in North Korea . North Korea relations with Russia has not always been warm as they were at the height of Soviet union . Now Moscow’s need for friends has changed the situation.


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