On Monday  Ukrainian and a Spanish media released an image of a Russian pilot. Last week he was found lying dead  with bullet injuries in underground garage . This Russian pilot was defected to Ukraine with his helicopter in 2023. Maxim Kuzminov  had landed in Ukraine last August  with his Mi – 8 helicopter. On Feb 13 a body was found in a town of  Southern Spain named Villajoyosa.  His Ukrainian passport had a different name and with this name he had been living in Spain. Ukraine’s Ukrainska Pravda newspaper reported that he had been found shot dead but the cause of his death is not specified. The victim’s identity is not yet confirmed by Spanish police but only said a body has been found. The victim would have lived under a fake identity. Investigation is going on in full swing searching for the two suspects. It was reported by La Informacion newspaper of Spain . Last year was Kuzminov’s defection to Ukraine.



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