Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department has received order from Madras High court to install boards in all temples that states beyond the “ Kodimaram” (flagpole) area non – hindus are not permitted to proceed. For non – religious purposes , non hindus enter the temple , so all this is taken into consideration. From the  Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court Justice S. Srimathy said  “A temple is not a picnic or tourist spot.” Without interference Hindus have got to practice their religion. In Dindigul district’s  famous Palani temple and it’s sub temples hindus have got permission to enter the sanctum. It was based on a plea filed by a person. If a non – hindu wants to enter a temple he has to abide by the temple customs the court added. “The respondents are directed not to allow non-Hindus who do not believe in the Hindu religion. If any Non-Hindu claims to visit a particular deity in the temple, then the respondents shall obtain an undertaking from the said non-Hindu that he has faith in the deity, and he will follow the customs and practices of Hindu religion and also abide by the temple customs and on such undertaking the said non-Hindu may be allowed to visit the temple,” the court ruled.


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