In Bengaluru Koramangala for the past two days residents have been  hearing a plane’s buzzing sound above their residence .  Boeing aircraft has been  coming close to the ground and it did around 6 circles over the HAL airport . The aircraft was a Boeing 777 – 337 ( ER) with  with registration number K7067. It was found out by Flight radar 24 that tracks commercial flight. This Boeing aircraft is used to fly VVIP’s like Prime Minister ,  President and Vice President . This aircraft departed from Delhi at 5 :32 pm on April 3 and returned at 10 :54 pm from Bengaluru. A resident posted on X that “A really low flying plane circling Bangalore near Koramangala, Indiranagar area. Comes really close to the ground then takes off again without touching.” A retired scientist who works at the National Informatics centre said due to Lok Sabha polls the aircraft might be flying to remain in good condition .  The constant noise of the aircraft was complained by some users , “I see this every night. Flying at low altitudes, blaring,” one user said. Another commented, “This one is frustrating, seeing it daily.”  The HAL airport , a defence airport was also used for training pilots for commercial airlines as well.


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