Russian film-maker Alexey Petruhin is reported to have approached Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to star in his ambitious project ‘VIY: Journey To India’. 

Confirming the news, Alexey reportedly told Indian Express, “We have approached SRK to be the lead actor and also the co-producer of the film. We are awaiting confirmation from him. Other actor we have approached is Ranbir Kapoor. We want to bring SRK and Ranbir together.”

Elaborating on why he wants SRK in his film, the producer said, “We were looking for an actor who is like a leader in this industry with his own production house. Like from China, we signed Jackie Chan who is also a producer. So we have approached SRK and I am sure he will be interested in this type of project because it has world-class appeal and the film will be released all over the world.”

We are eagerly waiting for SRK and Ranbir’s nod.

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